Important ! Virus mail !

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Important ! Virus mail !

Message par bruce » lun. avr. 29, 2002 1:02 am

Ok, I'm quitte bored to recieve from 15 to 20 infected mails everyday. Of course I know how to handle them but it's anoying.

So please, download and launch this small application that will remove any version of the Klez virus that is spreading currently around the web :

(for infromation, Kaspersky if the publisher of AVP, one of the best antiviral tool)

After that, go to the website to update your programs, especially IE and Outlook, switching to the version 6 will make Outlook to not execute automaticaly attached files so you can throw them easilly without having to use an antivirus program every ten minutes.

Thanks ! We will eliminate all theses viruses if we all fight in a clever way !
Bruce aka Lemmings